Woodward Corridor Stoa

Southeast Michigan, USA

In conjunction with The Stoic Fellowship, this is our local home for Stoic philosophy

Philosophy is to be lived

a person training himself to live and to think like a human being … the personal effort appears … in the repetitions, the multiple variations developed around the same theme and the stylistic effort as well, which always seeks for a striking, effective formula … when we read [theMeditations] we get the impression of encountering not the Stoic system, although Marcus constantly refers to it, but a man of good will, who does not hesitate to criticize and to examine himself, who constantly takes up again the task of exhorting and persuading himself, and of finding the words which will help him to live, and to live well … (Hadot,Inner Citadel, 312-313)

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During the pandemic and poor weather, Zoom may be the best option to meet, however we should attempt to build this community IRL:

Email us at M1Stoa@protonmail.com

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